Some Worry Animal Carcasses Polluting Water Supply

They say the animals can pose a threat to residents. Officials say more animals are dumped during deer season. Anyone caught can be fined or jailed.

Josephine Jones has enjoyed fishing in Lake Miccosukee for years, but her favorite past time is being threatened by hunters who contaminate the water by disposing dead animals in it.

"They shouldn't throw it in the water you see fishes are in the water you fish and they be eating that dead stuff," says Josephine.

Jefferson county officials say hunters discarded this large alligator after cutting off its tail. It's been decomposing in the water for some time. They say that can pose a threat to residents.

There's a lot of information on the Internet about the bacteria that form out of it the Ecoli bacteria is one them that could pose a health hazard if someone swam in the water or drink the water," says roads superintendent David Harvey.

Harvey has been busy putting signs around various lakes and streams in the county, with hopes of informing the public of the unlawful practice. Anyone caught dumping animals or litter could face felony charges and end up in jail.