Pelham's Wildlife Festival

By Kate Gaier
3:30 pm, October 7, 2006

Originally called the Gold Leaf Festival, now it's Pelham's Wildlife Festival and it happens every year on the first Saturday of October.

Danny Singleton said, "It's just a lot of fun!"

Hannah Poloson said it's all about having fun, “Because I love it here and my grandparents are here."

Beth Crowe, Ms. Pelham Wildlife, added, "It's beautiful weather. We couldn't have asked for a better day and the crowd is getting larger by the minute, and the festivities are good and the food even better."

With good food and even better company, this is the sixteenth year for the festival. With a population of just over 4,000 it appears almost all of Pelham's residents were enjoying the day, and what would a Wildlife Festival be without a little wildlife?

Living, breathing wildlife isn't the only kind you'll find in Pelham. It also hangs on the walls for all to see, artwork, that is.

Sybil Bentley is an award winning artist and said, "I've won several times and it always feels good. It lets you think that people appreciate your art and that you're growing in your paintings."

And the beautiful paintings could be yours for the right price. Along with almost anything else you can imagine, it can probably be bought at the Wildlife Festival.

All proceeds raised through the festival will go to the Pelham Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber says it will then feed the proceeds back into the community.