Spreading the Gospel

One organization is using star power and some 30,000 volunteers to spread joy within our nation's prisons and jails. At the Gadsden County Correctional Facility, woman are serving time for crimes they've committed, say they now have a new lease on life.

"Spiritually, you have to take care of yourself, not worry about anyone but yourself, “said inmate Cynthia Tomlin, after spending time with volunteers of the Weekend of Champions Ministry, a non-denominational group that spreads the gospel to inmates around the country.

"They are at rock bottom,” said volunteer Stacie Balir. “They can't go any lower and so they can only up and then just looking for someone to pray with and encourage them and god is always there."

Blair says she and inmate Michelle Ludwig have built a lasting relationship. "She just came in and she sat down and she treated me like a human being,” said Ludwig. “She didn't treat me like a criminal or an inmate. She sat down and talked to me like a regular person."

Regular people who say they need something special to happen in their lives, especially when spending time behind bars.

"We need to get closer to God, to let others know that he is real, and anything that you ask him for he will talk to you, just like me and you are talking,” said inmate Tonya Williams.

The Weekend of Champions Tour wraps up Sunday morning in the Big Bend area, and makes its way to Mississippi next weekend.