Defense Rests in Hazing Trial

10-9-06 - The defense has already rested its case in the FAMU hazing trial. One of the defense attorneys says it was a strategic move to put only one witness on the stand this morning.

That's quite a contrast to the prosecution who presented three days of testimony. The defense witness was a doctor from Palm Beach County who says the amount of blood from an injury is not determined by the force but the location of the injury.

In the case, five Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity members are accused of beating pledge Marcus Jones during a fraternity initiation. He had to be hospitalized.

More than a week ago Jones took the stand claiming the fraternity brothers beat him and other pledges in an abandoned warehouse with canes and boxing gloves.

The defense waived its right to have the case be ruled a misdemeanor, so now jurors must decide between innocence or a felony.