Breaking Oil Addiction

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Breaking the addiction to oil is a priority for a group of conservationists criss-crossing the state of Florida in their hybrid and ethanol powered vehicles.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is on a 14-city tour to promote the use of the energy saving vehicles and they're hoping more drivers will turn to ethanol fuel. The first ethanol pump in Florida was recently installed in Tallahassee at the Inland gas station on North Monroe.

Deron Lovaas with the Natural Resources Defense Council said, "There are millions of cars and trucks out there that can run off a high blend of ethanol, which is a home grown fuel, so we don't have to import it like we do oil."

Leon County teamed up with the group to promote energy conservation and show how it's becoming more energy efficient. The county is purchasing four hybrid vehicles. The timing's not bad. There are two days left in Florida's tax-free week on energy efficient products. It ends October 11.