Georgia Voters Talk Issues

By Ben Wolf
Monday, October 9, 2006

November 7 approaches rapidly, and from the looks of front lawns, Georgia voters are ready. So what are the hot button issues?

"They certainly need to keep a tab on the crime rates that continue to escalate. Don't know the answer to that. We need to find a way to get rid of these criminals," said Georgia voter Gary Childree.

Many Peach State voters agree, listing public safety as the most important issue when voting for governor in a recent poll commissioned by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Nine out of 10 voters listed education, illegal immigration, the environment, health care, and lower taxes as top concerns.

"There have been severe cuts in therapy services for children with disabilities in Georgia that have really affected us and a lot of our legislators are not willing to talk about it now," said Georgia voter Jennifer Carter.

"Taxes and how the money is being used," added Neal Folger.

An early October Mason Dixon opinion poll shows incumbent Sonny Purdue with a 19 percent lead over Mark Taylor.

The poll suggests voters are less concerned with the issue of some politicians wanting the requirement of a photo ID at the polls. Only six out of 10 polled said this was important.