Kappa Hazing Case Goes to the Jury

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Defense attorneys Richard Alan and Chuck Hobbs arrived to court Monday with a new strategy. They opted to place only one witness on the stand, Dr. Kenneth Lee of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Lee says when Alan told him about the case a week ago he saw red flags with how alleged hazing victim Marcus Jones was treated medically. He says Jones' injuries and the amount of blood loss were a result not of how serious the alleged beating was, rather its location.

"The thigh is one of the largest compartments of blood. It call fill 500 to 1,000 CCs of blood. The buttocks can fill 300-500 CCs. A black eye or your wrist, 20-30 CCs," said Lee.

Both sides then led into closing arguments, starting with prosecutor Frank Allman.

"Four of them had canes and they hit Marcus Jones repeatedly. One of them helped by getting him back on line. That's what they did and that is what makes them guilty of hazing," said Allman.

"This question is going to become: do you trust Marcus Jones? If you believe him or trust him, the answer will be guilty. If he is not credible or trustworthy the answer will be not guilty," said defense attorney Chuck Hobbs.

The defense waived the right to a misdemeanor, so the five defendants are looking at felony hazing charges which carry up to five years behind bars.