FAMU Hazing Trial Ends in Mistrial

In a surprise move, the defense put only one witness on the stand. The only witness for the defense was Kenneth Lee, a medical doctor from Palm Beach County who testified he had not personally examined the alleged victim Marcus Jones nor did he examine Jones' medical history.

Lee did say he felt Jones' injuries were a result not of how serious the alleged beating was but rather, the location on the body at which it occurred.

"It is a very important concept," Dr. Lee testified. "The amount of bleeding under the tissue is dependent on the location of the injury, not the amount of force applied."

Prosecutor Frank Allman countered by telling the court, "You may not be able to define it, but you know it when you see it. Folks, this is serious bodily injury."

After several hours of deliberation, it was announced Monday evening that the case was declared a mistrial.