Arrests Made in Valdosta in Drive-By Shooting Incident

Three arrests have been made this week, which police say could be the link to putting a stop to the shootings. The three men police say are responsible for Monday's drive-by shooting have been arrested. That shooting resulted in an injury to an innocent bystander. Valdosta police say they are also connected to other shootings in the past month.

“We feel like there's a good possibility that they are linked to four, one in the past month or so, charges are directed at a couple, reason for that because investigators are still looking at the other,” says Lt. Brian Childress.

Eighteen-year-old Terrell Andrew Troutman of Morven and his 22-year-old brother Jason Arnold Troutman turned themselves in to Brooks County authorities Tuesday.

“There was some apprehension on the perpetrators part about being in our jail because possibly some of their enemies, but we screen that through our computer, they are held in the jail here, of course with city charges” says Ashley Paulk, Lowndes County sheriff.

The third suspect is 19-year-old Frederick Thomas who lived with the two brothers in Valdosta. Investigators still don't know if the shootings are drug or weapon related, but say the three individuals are affiliated with gangs. Valdosta police say they are using their best resources to put an end to gang violence.

The men are being held in the Lowndes County jail where guards have taken steps to have them isolated.