Gadsden County Students Honor Veterans

Gadsden Elementary Magnet School students sang with ease of how proud they are to be Americans on the eve of Veterans Day. While some expressed their heartfelt appreciation for vets with song, others wrote essays and recited them to the audience.

"My dad is a Gulf War Veteran. He is in the Navy. That is why we celebrate Veterans Day," says first grader Antonia Johnson.

"The first veteran I know is my uncle Clark Kelly. He has fought in Iraqi Freedom. Travis is my day is in the army he has fought in Operation Bristol Somalian," says Raven Wood.

A few veterans were on hand for the ceremony. They say now more than ever children should know the sacrifices soldiers are making for their freedom.

"We live in a capitalistic society where we have a choice of free will we could live in a society where there is a socialist our communist society, but some of us are laying our lives down so we can give them that opportunity so they can make the choices and make their dreams in life," says Petit Officer Antonio Johnson.

These two sisters are using dance to express their thanks to a relative fighting in Iraq.

"My skit was a tribute to my cousin Richard he is now serving in Iraq it's really special to me because I really appreciate all the soldiers that are fighting for us," says Niara Randolph.

Close to 100 people were in attendance for the first ever Veterans Day celebration at the elementary school.