Making Thomasville Rosey in Every Way

Thomasville may not seem like an area that's riddled with problems, but city officials there say every community has its weak points and they're seeking help from all over the state of Georgia to bring the Rose City up to par! Sometimes it takes an expert eye to pinpoint and correct trouble in a town, no matter how minor it may be.

Plenty of work has gone into the city of Thomasville to make it what it is today, but that's not to say it's a perfect community.

"There's a lot of houses down by where I live that are rundown and messed up and they need to do something with it," says Brenda Webb.

City officials here agree, and this is their reasoning behind bringing in a group of growth management experts to look into these problems.

"Look at maps, look at neighborhoods, look at issues, look at traffic flow, parking, development, everything!" says Sharlene Celaya.

This "quality growth team" is made up of 30 people from all over the state with experience in reworking communities so they can better face the future.

"Some of the prior issues we've heard about are commercial parking downtown and smart growth in the downtown area," says Julie Brown.

City officials say having the team here isn't only a privilege. It is the best way they see to maintain a high quality of life in the rose city. The quality growth team will be working in the rose city until Thursday. After touring the city, talking with officials and residents, they will write up proposals on improvement.