Thomasville Seniors Left Off New Transit Line

Members at Thomasville's Scott Senior Center can recall all the things they use to do in the community before all but two of the center's vans were taken away and given to public transportation system.

Those are just a few things these seniors are missing out on. Jack Wilkes, a driver for the center, says there's just not enough time in the day to do those activities anymore.

"If we want to take them somewhere for an outing before we could just do it, now we have to make arrangements a week in advance for transportation, so the seniors are the ones that suffer,” says Jack.

"We like to go out sometimes and people have birthdays we like to go out and enjoy birthdays we can't do that now," says Hattie Mays.

Staff members say they're glad the transportation company is working with them to try to do some of those same activities, but it's still difficult.

"I hope that at some point and time that it will to back to the way it was so that we can operate with the freedom that we had before," says Wilkes.

The Southwest Georgia Regional Development Center says the system provides transportation more efficiently to the public by offering it in all 14 counties in southwest Georgia.