Let's Talk Month

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Roxanna Haynes
5:00 p.m. October 10, 2006

Sex is often a perplexing topic, especially when you're a teen or a parent of one.

Percy Chastang, adolescent health coordinator, said, "I would have to say
embarrassment would probably be the number one barrier in terms of a parent dealing with the issue."

To celebrate "Let's Talk Month," Georgia's South Health District is providing free educational workshops encouraging sex talk.

Last year the Center for Disease Control reported the 47 percent of high school students have engaged in sexual intercourse. Health officials are taking notice and targeting parents.

Lauren Lester, a public health educator, said, "The thing is that parents are the most important teachers of their children and we want parents to realize that they can and have the ability to talk to their kids."

With the number of new STD cases among teens on the rise, health officials say now is the time to start talking.

Chastang added, "Just have them understand that education should really come from the family unit."

The South Health District will be holding workshops and handing information packets throughout the month of October.

For more information on the workshops, or if you would like to request an information packet, contact the South Health District's office at 229-253-0882, ext. 106.