Cancer Coalition Grants $30,000

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The grant comes from the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, a group committed to reducing cancer deaths in southwest Georgia.

Officials say the money will improve the ability of cancer patients to manage their disease, help organizations deliver timely cancer treatment and support, as well as promote cancer education, and officials say all this is possible thanks to plenty of community support.

Archbold Memorial President Ken Beverly said, "They had $30,000 generated from the Riverfront Run they have in Albany each year, and there are a number of organizations and sponsors of that run."

The CEO of the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, Diane Fletcher, added, "The important thing to remember is that all of the funds raised stay here locally and proceeds do go directly in the area."

There were a total of four grants. $15,000 went to the Phoebe Cancer Center, $10,000 went to the Singeltary Oncology Center at Archbold, $3,000 to the Partnership Cancer Fund, and $2,000 went to the Mitchell County Food Bank and Help Center.