High School Name Debate

By Kate Gaier
6:45 pm October 10, 2006

Nearly 1,600 students walk the halls of Bainbridge High School every day. With plans already in the works for a new school, some residents think there should also be a new name.

Debbie Elkins, a concerned citizen of Decatur County, said, "I was glad to see the suggestion come about because I think it really demonstrates a lot of unity for our county as a whole and I think it would be a good move for the new school."

Since students come from all over the county to attend Bainbridge High, some think it should be renamed Decatur County High School, and others think a name that's been around since the 70s should stick around with the new building.

Tommie Howell, the principal at Bainbridge High, said, "It's not just a name, it's a tradition of excellence for all of Decatur County. We have a reputation regionally and nationally. We're very proud of that."

Ralph Jones, the Superintendent of Decatur County Schools, added, "As superintendent I will certainly support what our Board of Education decides to do. Whatever we do I'm ready to get this thing behind us because we're excited about the new high school, regardless of the name."

New name or not, the clock is ticking for citizens to express their opinion. There will be a Town Hall meeting this Thursday in Attapulgus to discuss the high school name.

The Board of Education is supposed to vote on the name at the next meeting, scheduled for October 19.