Trash Pick-Up Cutbacks?

In a "trashy" attempt to save money, local officials are considering cutting back on garbage services.

Marva Blount says she's satisfied with City of Perry, garbage services and disagrees with a proposal to collect garbage once a week instead of twice. "It's too much trash that comes in,” she says. “Every house has so much trash that they need to get rid of. The garbage cans get overrun sometimes. We need the two days a week."

City Manager Bob Brown asked the city council to consider once-a-week garbage pick-up in order to save money.

If a garbage can gets full before that one pick-up, the trash has to sit there, or residents would have to take it to a collection site themselves.

Some residents say there's so much trash, they have to do that now.

Perry Resident Shirley Wright says, "We haul our trash off at least every other day. We haul it off to a dump site and get rid of the trash because it does have an odor, it smells. We do live in Florida so it draws ants, flies."

An informal study shows 40 percent of trash cans are empty on Thursdays and Fridays. City officials say cutting trash pick-ups back to once a week would save the City of Perry more than $13,400 annually in fuel costs and about $52,000 in labor.

City officials say they would schedule two collections during holiday weeks when there are typically heavier garbage loads.

The city council is looking over the proposal. No action has been taken.