Campaign 2006: Poll Shows Crist Leading in Florida's Governor's Race

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Crist leading 50 percent to Davis’ 39 percent. That's a five point gain for Crist since last month.

The poll also finds Crist gaining ground among potential crossover voters such as independents, and even some Democrats.

"Voters who are not aligned, voters who are soft Democrats, Crist is getting them in numbers that are very encouraging for him," said Peter Brown with Quinnipiac University.

"Davis is doing very little to peel off Republican votes, soft Republicans, and he’s not winning independents. Even though there are more registered Democrats in this state than registered Republicans, it doesn’t matter."

The poll finds a whopping 57 percent of voters say they still don’t know enough about Davis to form an opinion.

Twenty two percent say they haven't heard enough about Crist.