New FSU Attendance Policy

College kids thinking about taking it easy their first week of school may find themselves lacking class. That's because a new policy at Florida State University makes it mandatory for all students to attend the first day.

In the past, about 35 percent of the departments on FSU's campus required students to attend the first day of class. This year, flyers and e-mails have let students know the policy has been expanded campus- wide. With the new rule, a no show on the first day of class means a student will be dropped.

FSU registrar Tim Martin says a main reason for the attendance policy is a new enforcement coming down from the federal agencies that handle financial aid. Parents walking their future college students through last minute tasks say being in place for roll call is also about being considerate.

If for some reason a student misses one of their classes on the first day they meet they can talk to that academic department to see if there is room to enroll again. Classes for fall semester begin Monday.