Do Higher Standards Mean Higher Scores?

The news is bittersweet for Florida students; numbers show they are making strides on the ACT, but still fall short of the national average. There is no bitter news when it comes to Leon County, especially when ranked against other state students and even those nationwide.

Before making it this far, most of these students have taken the American College Test better known as the ACT. A recent report shows as a whole sunshine state students are gaining ground on the act, but still fall short of the national average. However, that is not the case in Leon County where students scored higher than the state and national average.

Statewide, nearly 56,000 students took the ACT, 795 of them right here in Leon County. For those students who have yet to test their knowledge, they are making plans now to pull in the grade. Administrators hope higher standards will bring in higher scores on future ACT tests.

Colleges and universities use the ACT to determine course placement, academic advising as well as for scholarships. The results show scores are steady despite record numbers of test takers, 795 students in Leon County took the test. County officials are still working to see how that compares with previous years. They believe it will be about 45 percent of the student population.