Valdosta Hosts Downtown Conference

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Roxanna Haynes
4:45 p.m. October 11, 2006

With its rich heritage, thriving economy and continuing efforts to enhance its downtown community, Georgia Downtown Conference organizers considered it the perfect place for this year's event.

Bob and Greta Hooson, conference attendees, said, "Valdosta is the place to be and it's a lifestyle."

Lori Wiggins, another conference attendee, added, "There are so many great stores and businesses here and it's very exciting just to be in downtown Valdosta."

Besides taking in all Valdosta has to offer, these city representatives are working together and sharing ideas they can take home.

Monica Callahan, a conference attendee, added, "I would say collectively we have much more to offer that state. It gives us the opportunity to share problems, concerns, and hear solutions from sister communities."

Wiggins added, "We found that you know a lot of industrial prospects and other aspects of your community will look at your downtown to see how your downtown is doing to decide whether or not they want to locate to your community or not."

With balloons lining the streets, this city has reason to celebrate. Valdosta was given the award as the premier city of the new metropolitan statistical area.

This event is sponsored by the Georgia Downtown Association in partnership with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.