President Bush Addresses School Safety Week

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President Bush urges the country to get more involved in preventing school shootings.

“Come up with best practice and share with others so they might know how to react. Prevention and reaction is the goal," said President Bush.

Experts said when students plot violence they often brag about it well in advance to their peers.

"As a teacher I keep my eyes and ears open. I can talk to my students, try to get to know them, and hopefully pick out possible problems with them before they act," said Joshua Stewart, a teacher at Leon High School.

Safety specialists said schools are safer when teachers take bullying seriously, talk to parents about what's happening, and practice their crisis plans.

"For what has happened the past few weeks has caused us to raise our awareness, we're always in a preparedness mode, but we're now in preventive mode, we could utilize additional funding to secure campus more," said John Hunkiar, Director of Safety and Security for Leon County Schools.

President Bush said there needs to be a cultural revolution in the schools.

"Promote school unity, make sure every body is getting along and make sure all cultures, ethnic backgrounds are together," said Christine Kessler, a student at Leon High School.

After the rash of shootings students said they are more vigilant and hope that will help to make their campuses safer.

While President Bush encouraged adults and schools to be more vigilant, he did not offer any new federal policies or funding proposals during the summit.