Governor Bush's Office Releasing Foley Communications

The state Democratic party made the request Tuesday for any e-mails or communications between Foley and the governor or Attorney General Charlie Crist.

Gov. Jeb Bush is not making a big deal about the state Democratic party’s request for e-mails he exchanged with former Congressman Mark Foley.

Foley resigned in the scandal over sexually explicit e-mails and instant messages with teenage congressional pages, but the governor says you won’t find anything sensational from his office. The communications he had with Foley were routine.

"About the hurricanes. His district was hit four times, I think, or three times. About policy issues, and we’re gathering up all that and we’ll release it," Bush said.

The Democrats also asked for any communications Foley had with Attorney General and now candidate for governor, Charlie Crist.

Crist served in the state Senate with Foley a dozen years ago and remained a political ally until the scandal broke.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office would not go on camera about the public records request for Foley e-mails, but she said they’re handling this request just like any other. They’re searching for pertinent documents and will provide them as soon as possible.

Republicans have blasted the Democrats’ request as a fishing expedition aimed at keeping the Foley mess in the news, and the governor has his thoughts too.

"Sex and politics seems to get reporters interested, at least," said Bush.

And politicians, too, at least until after the election.