Warrant Roundup in Franklin County

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"Save me a copy of that tape" were the words of one suspect trying to capture her infamous moment in the spotlight, just one of a series of suspects hauled off to jail. Some said they were wrongfully accused.

"False arrest honey, false arrest. Good lawsuit coming," yelled out another suspect as she was being escorted into the jail.

Others took advantage of an opportunity to take shots at the media. One woman spewed out the comment, "I rebuke the devil. Get him away from me."

A bus carried nearly 20 suspects arrested for various crimes, and a majority was drug related.

"One thing that I think the community needs to realize is that not only is it killing our community and our young people, but it brings in drive-by shootings. It’s not just a drug problem, it’s the violence that comes with it," said Sheriff Mike Mock.

The sheriff also said the sweep is a result of several months of investigation that produced close to 40 warrants. About half of those captured took the all expense paid trip to the county jail.

Authorities said the average bond for the suspects is $25,000.