String of Break-Ins in Tallahassee

As thousands of college students are moving into Tallahassee apartments, local thieves have been moving in on them. With classes starting Monday, many students have already fallen prey to a yearly trend.

It's an exciting time for college students. Many are away from home for the first time. Unfortunately, instead of parents watching over them, law enforcement officials say local thieves are keeping a watchful eye.

FSU student Misty Robertson says she felt sick when burglars went after her CD player. To try to keep these incidents down, Tallahassee police are again handing out awareness flyers to students, and while these tips may seem like common sense, police say the college atmosphere tends to lure students in another direction.

Another reminder for students, TPD will be starting up their party patrol this weekend. Like last year, police are enforcing a zero tolerance policy for out of control gatherings.