Child Lures Program

A new chapter has been added to the Leon County school curriculum and it's designed to keep children safe from molesters and kidnappers. It's called Child Lures.

Children in Ms. Levy's second grade class are learning a lesson that could literally save their lives.

"I learned that, not to talk to strangers and not to go with strangers even if they have some candy," says Debin Hammons.

"Don't talk to strangers and if they try to get you to get in a car, don't get in with him," says Jonathan Keel.

The Child Lures program teaches children to avoid men and women who try to ply them with toys or allow them to pet a puppy but really have the worst of intentions.

Kenneth wooden created the child lures program nearly 20 years ago. He gave these youngsters an initial lesson today, a task that teachers will soon take over as part of the health curriculum.

"A lot of the kids are exposed to the things he's talking about today, so I think it's very important to expose and talk about these things every day,” says Denis Levy, a Sabal Palm Elementary teacher.

The child lures program will be taught at all grade levels and students will soon be bringing home a parent guidebook so families can discuss it together.