A Local Cinderella Story

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Roxanna Haynes
4:40 p.m. October 12, 2006

Sarah Golden's life has been anything like a fairy tale, but thanks to a local boutique she's being treated like a princess.

Sarah Golden said, "The Cinderella Story has given me the opportunity to go apply for jobs and feel confident about myself, not be embarrassed about the scares I have."

The store provides new clothes, shoes, accessories, and even head to toe makeovers for women who've been victims of domestic violence.

The owners are kind of like their very own fairy godmothers.

Jackie Moore, A Cinderella Story owner, said, "Cinderella was beautiful woman you know, but if you looked at her she looked worn out and ragged, and you know, it took somebody to take that inner beauty out."

And for women like Sarah it gave her her life back.

Sarah Golden said, "When I was in the hospital they cut off all my clothes so I had absolutely nothing. It just makes you feel like a normal person who deserves everything that everyone else has, and more."

And with some new slippers, she ready for her pumpkin carriage. This evening the ladies of The Cinderella Story will be treated to another makeover, and they'll get to show off there new look at a local fundraising dinner.