Tallahassee Police Use Electronic Ticketing

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Handwritten traffic tickets will soon be a thing of the past.

The Tallahassee Police Department is now going high-tech to write citations.

Officers are using a device that looks like a Pocket PC to write tickets. The violator signs the screen using a Stylus and the wireless software prints out a copy.

The process reduces paperwork and time so the officers can respond to other calls sooner.

"Our goal is not to write more traffic citations. Our goal is to save lives, and this allows us to contact with the violator and we will spend less time with the violator, so if they're in a hurry to get to work this will keep them on their way, keep them from being delayed and it'll keep the officer out on the street," said Tallahassee Police Officer David McCranie.

Right now the police department has 22 electronic ticket machines. Its hope is to purchase several more over the next year.