300 Million Americans

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The Census Bureau says the United States will hit the 300,000,000 mark within the next week with either a new baby being born or a new immigrant moving in. Eyewitness News hit the streets today to see how people think about so many citizens living in America.

Some people blamed immigration, but the Census Bureau shows the birth rate is faster than the death rate, and almost four times faster than the rate of immigration. Everything combined, a new person enters this country every 11 seconds.

Thomasville resident Demetrius Hadley said, "Yeah, that concerns me, definitely, about the borders only going so far, but if we continue our blessings with God then I guess he's going to take care of it, but if we don't, think of the growth without God."

The Census cannot say for sure when the population will reach 300,000,000 people, but says it could happen within a week. The Census shows Americans tend to live in the west and south, those regions having the 10 most populated states and cities.