Kids Save Dad's Life

By Kate Gaier
5:45 pm October 12, 2006

It's a frightening thing to have to go through, especially at such a young age. All four of the children are under 13, the youngest only five, and each one had a hand in saving their father's life.

Joe Barrett of Pavo, Georgia says it's a chore he's done many times, but on this occasion, cleaning the outside of his home took a dangerous turn.

"The last thing I remember is spraying the house and I had the garden house, and a couple hours later I woke up and I'm in the ER looking, laying on the bed with the doctors and nurses over me."

With no recollection of the incident, Barrett relies on his four young children and his wife to fill in the blanks.

"I looked at him and he didn't look right in the way he was breathing. It was just real, he wasn't breathing right. He didn't look right," said Tammy Barrett of her husband.

Her daughter Allison Cody added, "He had his head down, and his arms down, and he couldn't move. I got him to the chair and for a couple of minutes he was fine, but then he started breathing funny."

Allison, the oldest, just shy of her thirteenth birthday, quickly sprang into action. While she ran next door to get help, 10-year-old Andrew stayed with his father.

Andrew said, "I kept him breathing and checked on his heart every five minutes."

Joe added, "I'm proud of them. They kept their heads on their shoulders and they're only little."

Still suffering from minor side effects, Barrett says he's thankful to have four little angels watching over him.

Barrett says he was using chemicals to clean mold off the side of the home. Somehow those had been mixed and breathing in the fumes is what he believes caused him to get sick.