Former President Makes Stop in Tallahassee

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Plenty of famous people fly through Flightline at Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Chase Runkle, a customer service agent, said, "We've had Burt Reynolds, Morgan Freeman, we've had a few. Every now and then we'll get someone famous and it's kind of exciting."

A new name will be added to the list. Former President George Herbert Walker Bush dropped by to pick up his son, none other than Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Gov Bush said, "He still has a large following, a lot of people love him like I do, so it's a joy to be with him."

News that the former president was there spread quickly.

Jamela Forduyce said, "It was just so surreal. I love him. I've always loved the Bushs, but George Sr. is unbelievable; he's a legend, he's like a rock star almost."

Gov. Bush frequently flies out of Flightline, and not that it's not exciting for them to see Jeb; it's not everyday a former president drops in for a quick visit.

Runkle said, "He came up and shook my hand. I didn't have to approach him at all."

After a few pictures, the former president and his son headed for Fort Lauderdale.