Posts Filled With Quincy Police

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The Police Department has filled some key positions. Chief McSwain says it was only fitting to hire employees from within the agency who were cross trained and well suited for the job.

Chief Gerald McSwain says the Quincy Police Department is nursing a black eye.

Last month internal investigations revealed some employees were taking time they didn't earn, and the police chief's assistant was fired for violating the city's code of conduct after superiors found suggestive photos of her on the Web.

Chief McSwain said, "we want to work in such a way to repair our reputation with the community. We want to continue demonstrating integrity and honesty."

While the controversy was brewing, a major and captain opted to leave the department.
Now all those posts have been filled.

Deedee Baker is now the chief's administrative assistant and Gretna City Police Chief Ferman Richardson is returning to Quincy as a major.

"The chief is competent the new administrative staff will turn this department around and continue serving with integrity and honesty."

LT Danny Moore, a 26-year veteran, has been promoted to captain. Moore says the department has become a revolving door.

Danny Moore said, "Seen different officers come and go. I've seen our department try to adapt with society, and that's what we're going to do. We would like the officers to go out and meet the citizens more.”

Ridgeway Stone is echoing the same sentiment. Stone, an 18-year veteran, says the agency will continue its mission of serving the community.

Ridgeway Stone said, "We're going through phases in the city. I still see the potential here. The city is growing every day bigger and better; things are coming to the city every day."

The chief says in the wake of the recent problems his employees have stepped up to the plate and pitched in to help.

"We've pulled together and I've been impressed with the motivation of the officers to carry out these duties, which they did and you get to see the results of it,” said Chief McSwain.

More promotions are expected within the department.