Valdosta Hopeful for News of Missing Boaters

Many people from Valdosta have even headed down to the coast to help in the ocean search. Those left behind remain hopeful.

Sara Handrix spent Wednesday working at her Valdosta day care, while several dozen boats searched the gulf for her missing granddaughter, Amanda Player, and her three friends. She says no matter what, she has faith her granddaughter will make it home alive.

"We're not giving up hope. We're going to hope we're going to hope. Something has to give today,” says Sara.

Friends of Matthew Hutchinson's family say they too are having to deal with a stress like they've never known before.

"Words really can't explain the feelings that just overwhelm you. There's really not, you can't put it into words, the not knowing and the loss of people like that," says Kathryn Mason, a friend.

Amanda's sister Amelia compares this situation to a nightmare.

"It’s been really tough, it feels like a total and complete nightmare on everything. You just keep thinking you're going to wake up and its all going to be over and you can pick up the phone and call all of them and see how they're doing. That's my sister and I love her to death and I hope she knows how much I love her and how much I miss her and how much pain I'm going through because she's not here," says Amelia.

Family members say they've turned this situation over to god and they know he can bring their loved ones home from this terrible situation.