Opening Ceremony at Vietnam Wall

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More than 58,000 names are chiseled into the 240-foot-long moving memorial.

The wall travels across the country for those who can't make it to the monument in Washington.

Vets said they're proud the wall landed in Tallahassee, saying it's a chance to emotionally heal and say hello to old friends.

"It's sobering. They're a lot of brave men on this wall, and a lot of friends. The wall has a great deal of meaning to all of veterans," said Louie Seay, a Vietnam veteran.

"We've had people come up all week to come down at night and pay their respects. Most of us put a lot of faces to the names of these things, so they come in and do the same thing, whatever can help them," said Daniel Radford, another Vietnam veteran.

Veterans said the message on the wall is a way to remind Americans how many brave men and woman fought for our country.