Pharmacy Worker Accused of Stealing Drugs

By Julie Montanaro
October 13, 6:30pm

A FAMU student is behind bars accused of stealing painkillers from the pharmacy where he worked. It happened at the Walgreens on Thomasville Road.

According to Tallahassee Police, the pharmacy came up 5,000 Hydrocodone pills short in its regular inventory, so it installed hidden cameras.

Police say 21-year-old Albert Walker was caught on tape pilfering the pills.

LT Ken Bergstrom said, "His confession to us was that he was selling them to an acquaintance who stated that he needed them for pain and every time he met this person to sell the stolen drugs, the narcotics, he told us he was getting about $50 per 100 tablets."

Walker is in jail on a $25,000 bond. He's accused of trafficking in narcotics and retail theft.

Police suspect he'd been stealing the Hydrocodone pills for months.