Child Identification Kits

A local fast food chain was handing out more than french fries Wednesday afternoon. Members of the Leon County Sherriff's Office were on hand at the Monroe Street Chik-Fil-A handing out child identification kits.

Each year, more than 800,000 children are reported missing nationwide. That's one, every 40 seconds, and in Florida alone, 49,000 children were reported missing last year.

Terry widener has two young children, that's why he decided to host a child safety event at his local business.

"With both of my children, you see stuff on television and God forbid it would happen to me, but if it does, I want something we can identify my kids with," says Terry.

Sheriff's deputies spent the afternoon handing out child identification packets.

"They are very important, because if your child goes missing, we need information immediately. All we are asking for is a current picture, like a school picture, as well as their statistics, height and weight," says Nancy Burns.

The identification packet also includes a place for your child's fingerprints. Soon a DNA collection envelope will be added to the packet to help positively identify your child if the unthinkable happens, but deputies say parents can take samples of their child's DNA by taking two or more of the listed items and storing them in an sealed envelope at room temperature.

"I think it's really smart thing to do, you can never be to safe with your children, I think it's a great opportunity,” says Patti Neal.

If you couldn't make it Wednesday afternoon, there is a limited supply of information kits available at the Leon County Sheriff's Office.