Elderly Man Held Up in His Own Home

By Ben Wolf
Monday, October 16, 2006

If you walk down Lake Park Road in Valdosta you'll come across churches and businesses and a house where police report on Sunday morning two gunmen ambushing an 87-year-old man, shooting at him, and fleeing with the man's cash and a firearm.

"Mostly at nighttime is when they happen more with the elderly than any other," said neighbor Maya Carter.

Neighbors say they are fed up with criminals taking advantage of older neighbors.

"Definitely don't need it to be happening to the senior citizens, not anyone really. We need to do something about it," said neighbor E.L. Thomas.

"Everybody needs to stick together and try to get along and try to work together," added Regina Moss Washington.

Police say they're listening to citizens' concerns.

"One of the things we do is we start targeting these areas and we can track that with our VLS, our Vehicle Locator System, how many times cars go in that area," said CAPT Brian Childress.

Police say the gunmen kept one of the man's relatives in another room while they committed the armed robbery. They have two suspects, both black males between the ages of 20 and 22, one light skinned and one dark skinned.

Authorities say the man has been robbed in the past and they believe that these two men could have been responsible for those robberies as well.

Valdosta police officials say their clearance rates or the amount of arrests made on armed robbery cases is above the national average.