Havana Medical Facility Gets New Bone Scanner

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A pricey new machine that scans for bone disorders, including osteoporosis, has made its way to the small town of Havana.

The Havana Medical Center now boasts a Dexiscan, a state of the art machine used to detect problems deep in your bones.

Doctors say it's a milestone in health care for this rural community because most of the patients travel to Tallahassee for testing.

The center got a $45,000 grant from rural development officials and the town of Havana to buy the bone scanner.

Dr. Mark Newberry said, "We just received the machine and we've already signed up 130 people, but we just got started. We have a lot of people to go through, so there a lot of people.

Now health officials will be able to screen residents over 50 with hopes of preventing fractures or injuries associated with osteoporosis and other bone diseases.