Chattahoochee Shooting Arrests

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It happened in the Chattahoochee area, but soon ended in Juniper Road and Highway 12 in Greensboro.

Around 1:00 this afternoon Gadsden County deputies received word that five men driving in a gold Lexus opened fire on an apartment complex in Chattahoochee.

The suspects ditched their car in a dead end street. By 6:00 this evening deputies chased down and arrested four of the men so far.

Ulysses Jenkins said, "We're just trying to locate these guys right now. One of them we know has been involved in a couple of home invasion robberies earlier this year and we've been looking for him."

No one was injured in the incident and there’s no clear motive in this case. The Florida Highway Patrol used their plane in the search. K-9 teams are also at work in the wooded area.