Jail Population Down in Gadsden County

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For the first time in years Gadsden County officials say there is a decline in inmates housed at the county jail.

Gadsden County deputies say for the past several years the jail has been overcrowded. with inmates sleeping on floors and plastic cots.

The facility was built to hold 150 people, and on any given day some 200-plus inmates are housed at the site. Officials say they've been working with judges and the Public Defender’s Office to expedite court proceedings, freeing up space in the jail.

MAJ James Morgan said, "They're getting bonds reduced. Some are going to DOC, that's the way we're getting them out quicker, getting case going to court and trail quicker.”

Despite the low numbers at the jail right now, authorities say there are 2,600 open warrants, which means the jail could be overcrowded at any given day.