Project Lifesaver Bracelet

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Alzheimer's patients who go missing for days is a problem that may now become a thing of the past.

You may recall 82-year-old Jack Hopkins. He took off one Saturday in January and wasn't found until three days later.

At the time Wakulla County did not have a tracking device for at-risk residents. Now they do.

A bracelet will send signals to the Sheriff's Office and help find residents within hours.

CAPT Randall Taylor with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office said, "We've got five issued. Three of which are children with Autism and Down syndrome."

Deputies say they will start searching for someone at their last known location and then branch out listening for a signal from the bracelet on the person's arm.

The device is free, thanks to donations to the Sheriff's Office. Call 850-926-0800 for information.