Improvements to Fire Safety Are Working

According to NFPA, records are being set when it comes to saving lives. The National Fire Protection Association says the number of people dying in fires is at an all time low.

The number of people dying in home fires is dropping fast.

The NFPA says it was a 14.1-percent drop last year, compared to 2001. They say these are the lowest numbers on record.

But, out of the 1.6 million fires reported to fire stations across the nation, half of the fires were out-doors, about 30-percent were in structures and 20-percent were vehicles.

Fire fighters say there are different reasons for the decrease, and credit should be given where credit is due.

Chief McLin also says that consumers are smarter, meaning, if you see a frayed a cord, you know not to plug it in and use it.

NFPA says that the months January, February and March had the highest death and injury rates for 2002.