A New Community in Perry

A large development project underway is restoring life at an historic site. However, will it bring too much life for the liking of some residents?

A Cypress Log Mill has operated on the land in Perry for more than 100 years. Cypress Mill Development, LLC has unveiled plans to revitalize the area.

Perry Resident Pat Palaio said of the announcement, "I think it'll be great for the community. I think it'll help our tax base and help with development and attracting people to the community."

The plan includes a neighborhood with approximately 600 homes, which range in size and price with parks, walking trails, commercial businesses, retail shops, churches, and medical offices.

The 258-acre site is located on the west end of Main Street. Developers assure residents it will not take away from the town's traditional appeal.

"It provides an opportunity to build upon all of the wonderful attributes that exist in the community,” explains Wendy St. Laurent of Cypress Mill Development, LLC. “We envision it as an extension of the existing City of Perry and the fabric and character of the town. We really believe in the concept of the historic Main Street."

Some Perry residents are weary of the Cypress Mill Development plan however, stating additional traffic as a main worry. Other residents say the benefits should far outweigh those concerns.

"It would just increase traffic on Green and Main Streets, but I think it's very beneficial,” said Vickie Collins, another Perry resident. “It'll bring people to our downtown area, which needs to be revived."

The development is expected to bring in $4 million dollars extra in tax revenue. The development will take 10 years to complete. Groundbreaking is slated for March.