Residents Rally for Health Care

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Tallahassee resident Felisia Jones is a mother of four suffering from depression. She returns to the Bond Community Health Center time and time again because she’s not getting any better.

Without insurance, Jones can’t afford the medication she’s prescribed.

"I went to the pharmacy, told them what I needed, the prescription, and she said $86 and I was like, okay, so I didn't get none of it ‘cause I couldn't afford it. It was too much."

If Jones has her way, Leon County voters would help her with medical costs through a half-cent sales tax. Monday night nearly 1,000 residents, religious leaders and commissioners turned out to rally in support of the tax.

“We care about the working poor, we care about the uninsured and we have the chance to reach out as a community and bring those people up," said Rabbi Jack Romberg of Temple Israel.

Paul Sneft is a commissioner in Polk County, a county which recently added a half-cent health tax.

"It benefits everyone by keeping your neighbors healthy."

But not everyone agrees. Some Leon County voters oppose an increased sales tax.

"I don't see why the taxpayer ought to be responsible to pay for the healthcare of those employees who are not covered by their big mega corporation employers," said Belita Moreton.

If voters approve it, Leon County's sales tax will go up to eight percent, one of the highest sales taxes in Florida.