Church Leaders Attend HIV/AIDS Seminar

Gadsden County officials are trying to lower this statistic. Prayer and the word of God has been the strongest voice in the black community. That's why close to 30 ministers are in Havana taking part in a two-day seminar, teaching member of HIV and AIDS prevention.

"Most often when they hear the word coming from the church they have a tendency to pay more attention to it and realize the importance of the information that is being shared by the church and not only that, but the church has to be involved in a holistic ministry."
HIV has become an epidemic in the black community and now ministers and pastors are hoping they can make a difference by preaching the gospel of HIV prevention and treatment,” says Pastor Lee Plummer.

"People come to church, but they work in the community, they live in the community and if we can empower people and the more people we can take this message and help spread this message the better we're going to be," Pastor Kennith Barrington says.

The church has now become a battleground to fight the aids epidemic and county officials are hoping the message being spread from the pulpit will make a difference in years to come.

Keith blocker, Gadsden County aids educator, says, "Trainings that I've had it's not so much spiritual based, but you add what you can but to hear what they want and how they want it presented it's going to be much more effective for the agencies here that work with the folks here that are HIV positive.

After completing the two-day seminar, the ministers will implement five lessons of HIV and substance abuse prevention in their churches.