Lake Park Police Get New Computer

The small department is the first in our area to begin using the system, which helps improve efficiency and accuracy. Police in Lake Park, Georgia have a new tool in fighting crime. It’s a $26,000 computer system.

"It was a move toward new technology and it provides safety for the officer and if he runs a tag number he gets immediate info feed back," says Mayor Keith Sandlin.

One of the newest features in this system, it can scan the front of a drivers license, getting all the information an officer needs in just a few seconds.

"The next part is we take your drivers license, run it through the scanner right down here. Now its going through, scanning to see if you're wanted anywhere. I will then go right here with my mouse, type in your violation, take a blank paper our, put it in our printer, got to printer and print you out a ticket," says Chief Bert Rutland.

This system is based on a different communication system than Lowndes County recently put in place. Chief Rutland says this system can be used in a larger area and is actually more cost effective.

"We could not afford the high maintenance involved with the 9-1-1 system here in Lowndes County, and we had to find another way."

Chief Rutland is confident this system will not only improve law enforcement in this town, but also better help protect citizens and officers alike. The system is also upgradeable, and city leaders expect it to be in Lake Park police cars for many years to come.