Man Attacked by Pit Bulls

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A pair of pit bulls attacked Brian Coghill. His arm and hand became a chewing toy when Coghill's neighbor ordered his dogs to attack.

"The last time I turned around and I went back over there and told him I was going to call the Sheriff's Department and that he needed to back the dogs off because they already charged my mother once. Once that happened he came out and took a swing at me and said get him and that's when I got bit by one of the dogs right here, and I defended myself against the gentleman," said Coghill.

Coghill defended himself by giving his neighbor a swift kick to the face. Coghill said it’s not the first time his family has had a run-in with the dogs.

"A week ago my mother was charged by one of the dogs. She wasn't bit, she wasn't attacked, but it did scare her, she's 76 years old," added Coghill.

Neighbors said they also have a problem with the pit bulls running through the streets without a leash, barking and threatening residents.

"It came over here and barked at me before. I'll come outside and check the mail and it’s been out there and growled at me before. Our neighbors that live across the street from us, they were standing on the front porch and they were growling at them one day," recalled Christine Ingram, a neighbor of the victim.

A deputy shot and killed one of the dogs after it lunged at him. The owner, Daniel Crosby, will face aggravated battery charges when he is booked into jail.

Coghill suffered minor injuries and the other dog involved in the incident has been taken to Animal Control. Residents in the area said this incident does heighten concerns about allowing their children to play outside.