Got Milk?

Suwannee Middle School has been chosen the winner of the 2006 "Ultimate Cafeteria Restyle" Program. The Dairy Council of Florida presented the school with a $50,000 check to remodel the cafeteria.

They chose Suwannee Middle because of its "New Look of School Milk" program where new resealable plastic containers are used instead of the traditional paper milk cartons.

Hollan Abercrombie, an 8th Grader at Suwannee Middle School, said, "I think it's really good because at most schools a lot of kids have obesity problems and I think that's [milk] a good substitute over soda and other things that they sell in the cafeteria."

Marjie Dedge, Food Service Manager for Suwannee Middle School, added, "I'm glad that kids are drinking more milk and I can't wait for the cafeteria to be remodeled. It really needs some help and we're hoping that it'll look really nice and the kids will enjoy it when they get through with it."

School officials say the number of children drinking milk has more than doubled since the new bottles were introduced at the beginning of the school year. The cafeteria renovations should be finished by January.