County Commissioners Vote to Accept Development Document

The Magnolia Bay Marina and Resort in Taylor County was a hot topic at Tuesday night’s county commission meeting.

The project's attorney presented commissioners with a document outlining the details of the development and financial responsibilities.

The commission unanimously accepts the terms of the documents, meaning developers can go forth with their plans.

Rick Causey, a Dekle Beach resident and Magnolia Bay opponent, said, "It'll be the most environmentally devastating thing to hit the Big Bend area. We're talking about an approximate two-mile channel through the Big Bend Seagrasses Preserve as well as excavation and the fill of several acres of salt marsh.

Jerry Cawthon, a Keaton Beach business owner and Magnolia Bay supporter, said, "The county needs growth and it needs development. This particular development will give the county additional funds that it could use to supply citizens of the county with the basic needs that we're not able to do at this time."

Magnolia Bay will sit north of Keaton Beach. Plans include resorts, condominiums, marinas, boat ramps and more.