FSU No Charges

A post-trial tussle between FSU and the state attorney appears to be over. There will be no "obstruction of justice" charges filed against FSU administrators in the wake of the Travis Johnson rape case.

Travis Johnson hugged attorneys and friends after he was acquitted of raping a fellow FSU student, but that's when the trouble began for FSU administrators accused of interfering and trying to cut a deal to keep the case out of court and out of the press.

"How involved we should or shouldn't be and to what extent people ought to be at the college is debatable and we're going to look at that, but the idea that it was trying to be covered up, that clearly wasn't the intent," says FSU President, T.K. Wetherell.

State attorney Willie Meggs reviewed the actions of administrators in the weeks since the trial and Tuesday sent a letter to FSU, saying he uncovered no criminal intent and has decided not to press any charges, but the state attorney did leave FSU with strong words about how to handle future rape cases.

"I'm not being critical of there being counseling and assistance and advice to students. My position would be, if it is of a felony nature, you need to go to the authorities and that is of course what we put in the letter," says Meggs.

FSU President T.K. Wetherell has formed a task force to re-evaluate the school's policies for handling rape allegations. It begins work next week and a new policy should be ready later this fall.