Seniors Line Up for Flu Shots

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Hundreds of seniors in Tallahassee were lined up Wednesday morning to take a shot at getting the flu vaccine.

"I think anybody my age is very susceptible to colds and flu, and if they don't get it they have big problems," said senior Thelma Schneider.

Big problems is right. Nationwide about 36,000 people die each year from the flu. Another 200,000 end up hospitalized. Many of them are Florida's seniors.

Jack Smith says he remembers how bad it was when he once came down with the flu.

"I was taken suddenly and I was in bed for a week."

Florida health officials who also got flu shots say the number of deaths could be lower if people at risk would just get vaccinated.

"About 30 percent of them are over 60, so we do have a good number of folks over that threshold. Anybody over 50 should really be getting a flu shot," said Carole Green, Department of Elder Affairs Secretary.

And aside from a vaccine, Green says take a shot at staying healthy by eating balanced meals, exercising and staying germ free.

"My doctor told me to take the antibiotic wipes and he said after I shake hands I should use those, and I do. I put them in my purse and just discretely wipe my hands," said Frances Tallman.

Those wipes actually do help along with thoroughly washing hands.

The Leon County Health Department says there are more vaccines than ever before. They are being released in batches.